Windows 10 – Modifying .INF file so that an USB device is recognized by / for Windows 10 (Technical Preview) installation

I’ll proceed with this « DYI » tip with the example of my Roland QUAD-CAPTURE Audio interface (=sort of external USB connected sound card)

1- Open the .INF file

  • Go to the section called [Manufacturer]

For my Roland QUAD-CAPTURE audio device I have this just beneath the [Manufacturer] section:


This above was followed by the lines:


;; Windows7 – Windows XP 64
;; not supported

;; Windows8
%RDID0117DeviceDesc%=RDID0117Install, USB\VID_0582&PID_012F ; QUAD-CAPTURE

;; Windows8.1
%RDID0117DeviceDesc%=RDID0117Install, USB\VID_0582&PID_012F ; QUAD-CAPTURE

;; not supported

2- Repopulate section [Roland.NTamd64.7] which stands for Windows 10 – 64 bits

NTamd64 = 64 bits OS, and the « .7 » stands for « Windows 10 » (just like « 6.3 » = Windows 8.1, and « 6.2 » = Windows 8).

Then just replace the « ;;not supported » with « ;; Windows10 », and paste the weird line starting with %RDIDo…. from the « Windows 8.1 » section to your new « Windows10 » section, you’ll have:

%RDID0117DeviceDesc%=RDID0117Install, USB\VID_0582&PID_012F ; QUAD-CAPTURE

You’re almost good to go – Save your edited .INF file, make sure you saved the initial one.

NOTE: now that you modified the file, the calculated signature does not match the file contents now – you then need to configure Windows to prompt you when you want to install a setup which signature doesn’t match the initial content.

Basically: signed files = files for which a hash code has been calculated so that if the content changes, even a little bit, the calculated hash code doesn’t match the original file. This is made to ensure that users are not using malicious files/viruses that looks like the original files, but that are not the original files. It’s made to protect you !

So if we configure Windows to prompt when we want to install setup which invalid signature, make sure you look carefully to the Windows prompts when you install unsigned files !

3- Configure windows 10 to prompt for unsigned files installation

Procedure taken from this forum post :

a. Press the Win + C and click on PC settings.

b. Switch over to the “Update & recovery” section.

c. Then click on the Recovery option on the left hand side.

d. Once selected, you will see an advanced startup section appear on the right hand side. You will need to click on the “Restart now” button.

e. Once your Computer has rebooted you will need to choose the Troubleshoot option.

f. Then head into Advanced options.

g. Then Startup Settings.

h. Since we are modifying boot time configuration settings, you will need to restart your computer one last time.

I. Here you will be given a list of startup settings that you can change. The one we are looking for is “Disable driver signature enforcement”. To choose the setting, you will need to press the F7 key.

Reboot, and try again installing your ROLAND QUAD Capture from the modified INF file !

I was good to go with the above procedure.


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